Got The Grumps?

I do.

I had a really nice post all put together in my head.  Something sweet and spiritual.

But then I got the grumps. 

Would you like to know why? Of course you do.  And of course I will tell you.

Last night, I got NO SLEEP because Sean somehow convinced himself that  nighttime is for playtime.  Please someone help me correct that child and remind him that nighttime is for sleeping

This morning, due to lack of sleep, woke up later than I wanted and was rushing around the house snapping at everyone to hurry it up so we wouldn't be late for school (Madi) and work (Dan).

Then upon coming home from dropping off Madi and Dan, I come to find I can't get in the house. Because the deadbolt is broken. And I  can't open the door. Even though I have keys. 

Head back over to church to see Dan and  come to find myself in traffic for 35 minutes due to  a traffic collision.  We only live about 10 minutes from the church.

Pick up Madi and Dan, come home,  try to open door again. Nope…still jammed. Call Locksmith (who by the way looked kind of ghetto) and now  we are $200 poorer.

And we need to get a new deadbolt. 

And it is only 2:16 PM on Thursday.


Pray for my grumpy spirit today. Ha!


P.S. Hoping for a  MUCH nicer blog post tomorrow!


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