I <3 Red Envelope

Today is Monday.

I totally have a case of the Mondays.

And I also have the shopping bug (don't tell Dan).

I love shopping for gifts for different occassions throughout the year.  I especially love shopping for new babies and their mommies.  

Red Envelope is one of my absolute favorite sites to shop for great personalized gifts.    They have recently added some beautiful products on their website and I am excited to share them with you.

Need a cute, cuddly baby blanket for your wee one?  I am always searching for a soft, deliciously sweet blanket.  I am obsessed with them. Our whole family is!

I don't really think the love of blankets gets old when you get older. Right?  


If you are also desperately searching for  really nice baby gifts for an upcoming shower, I highly recommend them.  I know from experience that we love the baby toys and everything functional, but having something beautiful that would act as a keepsake for our precious baby is so appreciated and loved.  

Here are some discounts for you, my readers that you can enjoy:

10% off sitewide
15% off $80 or more
20% off $125 or more
Use PRESENTS10 Promotion code at checkout




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