I Am Pro Single Mom


I am Pro Life.  I believe in the sanctity of life and preserving it.  There is something so beautiful about a little baby entering into this world.  A tiny person with tiny fingers and toes, coming to us through the body of a woman that God designed. 

It truly is a miracle.  

I am fortunate that I have a loving husband. That he adores me and adores our babies.  That we came together in love to create a magical and special human being.

But not everyone is as fortunate as I.  

Because of our own actions or quite possible the actions of others, we become single moms.  Moms who have to both mommy and daddy to our children.

Or perhaps we are still very young.  Made a decision that resulted in a consequence and it will forever change our lives.

And we hear the chants from others saying "Keep the baby." Anti-abortion rhetoric ringing in  our ears and we wonder….

"If I do keep this baby. This life. Then what."

I am Pro Life. The life of the baby. 

And the life of the mother.  

If as a church, we proudly hang our pro life banner, and yet pass judgement and criticism on the woman who carried the child alone. Outside of marriage or however it happened.

Then we cannot possibly be for life.

We are just for babies. 

Which is why Illuminate is going to change that.

More on how tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “I Am Pro Single Mom

  1. JLI says:

    GOOD FOR YOU. I’m always amazed at the amount of judgement to be found within the walls of the church. Heck, even I’ve been guilty of it at times. What an important message to single mothers and their children! I pray God richly blesses your efforts toward this!

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