Runner’s High


Lately, I have been incorporating a routine of exercise in my week.

It is all part of living with Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for this body that I have. A body that has all four working limbs.

Arms to wrap around my husband and rock babies to sleep.

Legs to chase running rascals all around the house.

Eyes that can see, ears that can listen, a heart that beats life blood and a mouth that can speak gracious and loving words.

I downloaded this app to my iPhone a couple of weeks ago. 

I have come to enjoy running.  30 minutes for me to pound out the stress of the day on the pavement. To think.

To pray.

To express my gratitude.

And to be honest, to just get away for a little bit. 

I am experiencing a sort of runner's high.

And I am thankful.



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