What I’m Loving February

So you have noticed lately that I have not been blogging as regularly. This is all due to the fact that my house is insane right now and we have to move in the next two weeks and we still have not secured a new place to live. Hopefully that will change by today since we are checking out an apartment in a few hours…but here is to living by the skin of your teeth!

We like adventure in our lives. 

Or is that unneccesary anxiety? I can't tell.

Moving on.

Here are a few things I am loving right now.  Yes I am showing articles of clothing but I do remember my promise to Dan to not buy any new clothes for two months.  

But I still like to look. 

Window shopping anyone?


LaraBar….Addicting.  I love them. And wouldn't you know that my entire family loves them too. Which means they ate my ENTIRE stash.  So now I have to hide them….hehe.

Endearing royal blue dress

Falling in line sweater

This dress and sweater from Ruche. Ruche is one  of my favorite online shops.  So many cute items. But if you really love something you have to be quick. They sell out fast!


These shoes from Lulus.

I want to make this heart shaped wand with my babies. Maybe I will make a star for Sean.  They look so fun and adorable. And perhaps it will give me a few minutes of peace ;).

I am loving this book. Beth Moore always gets me thinking.  It is probably one of the most pivotal and thought provoking books I have read this year. If you have read it, then get on that quickly. I promise it will change your life.  Plus, she challenges you to memorize scripture (which we all should be doing anyway if we are a believer) that pertains to being free from bondage and believing God's love for us.  

Powerful stuff.

Financial Peace University. Nuff' Said.

Our Moms Group at Illuminate which launched last Sunday evening.  So amazing.  I met 6 beautiful and amazing women and I hope to meet more.  I can't wait until this coming Sunday.

What are you loving this month?




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