To My Fellow Pastor Wives

At Catalyst last week, I got to hear Andy Stanley speak to thousands of us in regards to leadership and ministry. 

My husband was so excited because he loves Andy Stanley. He loves how the guy thinks and operates. 

He has all his books.

To Andy Stanley, you will never read this blog I know…but if you called him EVER he might flip out and chew your ear off. Just sayin.  And side note, last year you took a twinkie off my tray at CatWest and he almost flipped out because I *kinda* didn't realize who you were. 

I am blonde..please forgive me.

But back to you my fellow PW's.  Andy gave one final point that was directed to all of us. I NEEDED TO HEAR IT! 

And I think you do too.

"You don't want to be the reason that your husband says no to what God wants him to do." -Andy Stanley

I will say again that I needed to hear it.  

Now I don't tell my husband to not do ministry, or to disobey God and do what I want. But I think Andy is talking about our subtle communication.

The anxiety we feel when things are uncertain. We ladies operate so much differently than our husbands and security is often the deciding factor for our decisions.  



*Bills to pay

*School for the kids

*Close to family members and babysitting

I could go on and on.  I want Dan to lead, but sometimes I like to "help" him make his decisions. (ie: make them for him by putting on the pressure.)

Andy is right. I don't want to wake up one day and realize that I missed out on God's best for our family and for ministry because I made Dan choose disobedience.  I don't want to face God with that.  

Your thoughts ladies on the quote?  



One thought on “To My Fellow Pastor Wives

  1. Sweet Mummy @ It's OK to be WEIRD! says:

    This is a great quote. We’ve always been willing to go wherever, even when it’s meant away from family and all those other securities you mentioned. But can I do more in the every day to help him to keep doing ministry? Yah, I can.
    I wish more PWs could hear this – not just to ‘suck it up’ but to really let their hubby’s be free to minister the way God wants them to, and not the way we want them to. A situation close to me has had me saying this for a while, and I’ll keep praying for the right direction for all involved.
    Thanks for the good word!

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