Learn to Keep Your Comments To Yourself

Today I went to the Farmer's Market with Madi and Sean.  I was enjoying the sunshine and being with my babies. 

Plus, I was dreaming about strawberries. And I was intently gazing those gorgeous berries in my bag.

Then I was approached by a couple of young men.  

They wanted to share Jesus with me.  They were Mormon.  They were very polite.  They were young and were sweet to my babies.

As for me? I was snarky.  

At first.

They asked me if I wanted to know about Jesus. I answered that I already knew Jesus. They asked if I would like to know more about Him. 

I answered: "I probably know more about Him than you do."


They were gracious enough to keep talking politely to me and talked to my babies. They were still very nice.


I was smarting from conviction.  Where God was literally beating at my heart for my attitude. Instead of sharing the hope I had within me I chose to be a smart aleck. 


I apologized to them. And again they were gracious to accept my apology.  We talked for a bit more and went on their way.  

I feel so bad that I missed a golden opportunity to share with these young men. In front of my children no less! 

So I ask the Lord's forgiveness for saying no to Him and for my hurful blunder.

So the lesson of the day Christian brothers and sisters…don't be like me.

Let the Holy Spirit lead and not the flesh. 



4 thoughts on “Learn to Keep Your Comments To Yourself

  1. Joe Chavez says:

    Please forgive me, but I laughed when I read your response: “I probably know more about him than you do.” Sorry. I had to chuckle. I’m picturing the scene.
    It happens. We let our pride get in the way. Defenses go up and snarky comes out. We’ve all been there to be sure.
    At least you apologized and asked for forgiveness. We have 1 John 1:9 to turn to in moments such as these.
    It was a lesson preparing you for next time! 🙂

  2. shalay says:

    Great post, Tiff! One of my best friends used to be Mormon and he even went on a 2 year mission quite a few years ago. He’s no longer Mormon, but he has always been a truly good human being. It made me think differently about Mormon missionaries and how they sometimes get unfairly treated. I’m impressed that you were able to see so quickly that you said the wrong thing and even apologized. Wow. That’s a great example to show your children.

  3. Tiffany Harper says:

    Joe..you are forgiven ;). I am sure those kind missionaries were laughing afterwards. They will have a story to tell about the snarky Christian lady.
    Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  4. Tiffany Harper says:

    Thank you so much Shalay. Ironic, we have a former Mormon turned Christian who serves on our leadership team. And he shared with us how sometimes he was mistreated when on his missions trip. I should have kept him in the back of my mind. Love you!

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