Shopping For Boys

When I had Madi, it was pretty easy for me to pick out cute, adorable and girly outfits for her.

I mean, the stores are crammed with gorgeous outfits for little girls.

For Sean, it was and still is a little harder.  

I am all about the layers.  

I got a coupon in my inbox today from The Children's Place and I decided to use it to update Sean's wardrobe.  I have been cramming his poor little body into some 12 month tops.  

He is 20 months old. *ahem*

I couldn't resist some of these outfits! Darling for little boys!


The cool tide

The new recruit


I signed up for their email updates because they are ALWAYS promoting deals and sending coupons your way.  So if you need some clothes for your little ones check them out!


*I am not affiliated nor am I paid by The Children's Place. I just really like their clothes for my kids.*


3 thoughts on “Shopping For Boys

  1. Dwayne Pech says:

    Wow, those are really adorable clothes! My sons also love shopping, I think they got that from their mom. We go to the department store at least twice a month to buy clothes and shoes. They are the ones who pick what they want and me and my wife pick what they need. Of course, what they need is always the necessity.

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