Dressing Up.

I am going to be VERY HONEST and tell you that most of the time, I like to live in my sweats and put my hair in a pony tail.  

No fuss, no muss, no makeup.  Simple and easy with two kids around.

But I think my husband would appreciate it if he came home to his wife and she looked like she actually showered.  My man loves me…NO DOUBT.

But honestly what man wants his wife to look frumpy all the time.

Let's be real.

So I have been attempting to get out of my lazy gear and look cute.


Jean jacket: Charlotte Russe (years ago), bracelet, dress: F21, belt: Ruche; leggings: Marshalls, Boots: Reflections

Now why on earth am I standing on a stool? Because my house does not have a full length mirror to perform all those cool outfit shots some of you do. 

Someday folks. LOL!

And yes my hair is still in a ponytail. One thing at a time ladies.

So I am choosing to work on it.  Because I like to look good for my man.

Ladies, what do you do to make your man feel good?


P.S. I am also a pretty good cook so it is not all superficial ;).



One thought on “Dressing Up.

  1. kk @ the mom diggity says:

    I find myself just throwing on a little bit of makeup and putting on real pants before hubs gets home. He says it doesn’t matter to him — but i KNOW he has to appreciate a hot wife sometimes 😉

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