Extreme Couponing-Church Style

I absolutely love the show Extreme Couponing on TLC.  It is amazing to me how these women (and men!) are able to purchase $1000 of dollars worth of groceries and spend literally pennies.

(Yes, I do know about the woman who committed coupon fraud on the show, but keep in mind not all of them behave that way.  One bad apple does not spoil the show for me.)

I loved how quite a few families who coupon and create massive stockpiles donate to local organizations and even to the troops.  Serving our communities and individuals should be a driving force when we are blessed with much.

Which gave me a huge idea.  

I coupon for my family.  I collect tons of coupons, spend at least a couple of hours the night before my trip (when everyone is asleep) and plan out what I will buy, cut coupons etc.  I do the work so that I can provide for my family and not feel the heavy pinch in trying to put food on the table for my loved ones.  

Imagine what we could do if those of us in ministry volunteered to learn the ins and outs of couponing, and used that knowledge to load up our pantries to feed our communities. If we stockpiled like the individuals on the show, we could literally create our own little grocery store for single moms, hungry families and those living on the street.  

And I know many churches are feeling the financial crunch in this economy right now. They want to help their community and they have a pantry, but the budget just doesn't have the often $100 of dollars it takes to fill it and donations are sparse.  

Folks, imagine the possibilities. I know the show makes couponers look like hoarders, and some of them probably are! But honestly, if we collect much and give it to those who truly need it, and can't afford it…it isn't hoarding.  

Blessing. Serving.  

Again, imagine the possibilities.

If you are a church or ministry already doing this or something similar…please share your secrets!  Would love to hear!




4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing-Church Style

  1. Lee Smeal says:

    Sister Harper
    I also am a Pastor’s wife and I am trying to gather the info to teach extreme couponing to the folks in our community. Do you have and information or insights that would help me get this off the ground amd be a blessing to the folks we serve

  2. Rebekah Kurisu says:

    Hi I’m a high school student from Knott Avenue and I’m a girl scout trying to get my gold award and I was thinking of using couponing to buy food for the food pantry, do you think this could work?
    -Rebekah Kurisu

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