Something For Your Daughters

Every night Dan and I have taken turns to read Madi a devotional or Bible Story before she goes to bed.  We have both honestly tried to make the task of instructing and teaching of our children in the Lord a priority.  

We aren't perfect at it. To be honest, sometimes we just want them to go to bed! But Madi has now become so accustomed to this schedule and to her Bible readings, that she absolutely looks forward to the stories and she DEMANDS that we read them.

I would rather have it this way than any other way.

Lately we have been reading a devotional that we absolutely love and Madi seems to really resonate with its teachings. 


I had heard Sheri Rose Shepherd at our Women's Retreat a couple of years ago and loved her. And I loved that she wrote a devotional for little girls and regarded them as princesses of the King. In fact, these devotionals are written in the form of a letter from our loving God.

Madi loves them and she understands the lessons very well. If you have a little girl, I highly recommend it.  




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