Fair Fun!

Yesterday we went out to the fair to make good on the tickets we were so graciously given by one of our college students.  At the OC Fair, kids are free (SCORE!) so we were so excited to be able to take them along with us and enjoy some awesome fair rides and food.

We slid down slides


Pet cute farm animals




Took fun farm animal pictures


And of course we consumed cotton candy, ice cream and bbq.  We weren't brave enough to try fried twinkies or any other fried delicacy.  I like my heart just the way it is thank you.

Poor Sean was a tad small to go on most of the rides, but we did find him a huge sand box to play in. 


We had a great time! The kids came home completely pooped, which meant that they went to bed without too much of a fight.  Win/Win for everyone ;).

What did you all do for fun this week?



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