Play Everyday

Sometimes I get so caught up in the daily rituals of life that I forget to enjoy myself.

Because honestly, most of my days look like this:

*Wake up

*make breakfast for kids who can't sleep in past 6:30 AM


*Pay bills

*Do whatever household chore is on the schedule for the day

*Take out trash (that should be a man's job…yeah I said it)

I bet I could put a million other things on that list. Even playing with the kids can seem like a "chore" if I let it. Sometimes I behave as if I am babysitting them and I am not really engaged with them.

Play Everyday necklace

I love this necklace by Lisa Leonard.  A sweet and beautiful reminder hanging around your neck to enjoy the life you have.

To Play everyday.

Playing and having fun can get lost in the mundane.  My kids are awesome. They are funny and loveable and creative. 

I want to play with them everyday.

I want to laugh and play with my husband everyday. 

In fact, I want to laugh a whole lot more than I have been.

That is a new goal for my upcoming birthday.

Laugh. Play. What awesome little yet powerful words.

What inspires you to play everyday?



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