Today I turned 30

I woke up this morning so excited for the chance to celebrate a new decade of life.  My twenties were filled with experiences, heartache, love, children, laughter, trials, excitement.

I have had an amazing 29 years.  I am excited for 30 because with this new age comes new challenges. New dreams.  

New opportunities.  


I am so excited.  

Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday through your text messages, voicemails, Facebook and twitter.  I am so blessed by the people who come into my life.  

Love you all! I can't wait to document the next ten years with you through this blog.


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5 thoughts on “Today I turned 30

  1. jenny says:

    i just found your blog … out blog hopping. i turned 30 this year too and i couldn’t be more excited for a new decade! i’m adding you to my reader! 🙂

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