Motivation Vs. Talent

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Motivation will almost always beat mere talent. -Norman R. Augustine

When my husband was in High School, he was told by a guidance counselor to consider doing something other than college.

He was told he would fail.

He considered going into the military, was very close to signing up, until an older friend chose to invest into Dan’s life.

Long story short, that personal investment by this man motivated Dan to serve in ministry with his home church and eventually became the college pastor. Would Dan classify himself as the most talented speaker?

He would probably say no. (I highly disagree *smile*). But that did not stop him.

 Photo credit: Illuminate

Doing what he loves and believes he is called to do.

Do not be deterred by the idea that you are not the smartest, most beautiful, most creative, fastest individual.  That does not guarantee your success or outcomes.

Those who move and refuse to let negativity keep them by the wayside are the ones you often see succeeding.

Find that inner motivation, perhaps find someone to mentor you…and get moving.












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