The Pharaoh of Comparison

Yesterday at bible study I was struck deep in the chest about something.

Our women’s group is going through Priscilla Shirer’s study “He Speaks To Me”.  In her video session, she was encouraging us to be undivided in our worship. To not be distracted by the things around us.  To not be held captive by anything but give it all, everything you have, to God.

She spoke of the different captors in our lives, Pharaohs she called them, that keep us captive in our thinking and behavior.

My captor?

The Pharaoh of Comparison.

I believe a lot of us struggle with comparing ourselves to others. If you are a woman, this is especially true.  I find myself looking at other women and marvel at their abilities and attributes and I can’t help but start to question my own abilities and attributes.

“Why can’t I be as creative as Elizabeth?”

“I wish I could speak as well in front of people as my friend Bre.”

“I don’t have as much energy as so and so”.

“I want to write like Sarah. She is so incredible with her use of words and I’m not”.

Do you see where I am going?  When I do this, then I try to be like them.

Instead of trying to be myself. The girl that God specifically created and crafted with a specific personality, gifts and attributes.  I have passions of my own to use for God’s glory and for ministry.  But I get so lost in trying to be someone else that I put my own gifting on the back burner…or buried in some dark closet.

And then Priscilla said this and it shook me to my core and snapped me back to see just how unique God made me:

“If you are too busy trying to play someone else-who in the world is going to play you.”

Friends don’t be held captive by this captor. He is only as strong as you allow him to be. Allow the Holy Spirit to break you free and realize your own full potential, gifts and abilities to glorify Him and worship Him fully.

An undistracted worship for our King.




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