Be a size YOU.

This post has been sitting in my heart, nearly typed out as I have been battling with the balance of sharing with all of you the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle and yet living in accordance with what I believe in God’s word.

I do not want anyone to see me as a woman who pressures other women to be skinny girls.  That we should only focus on weight loss and exercise.

No. I want to focus on the whole woman. The woman who is healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I don’t want you to be a size two. I want you to be a size YOU.

What does that mean?

I believe that true beauty comes from the inside out.  A healthy person is not someone who is necessarily able to fit into smaller clothes.  If that person embraces fear, insecurities, heartache, instability, lack of faith etc….then they are not healthy completely.  When you find yourself rotting on the inside, it is hard to appreciate the health you appear to “have” from the outside.

Being a size YOU means that you are healthy emotionally.  You are healthy physically and spiritually.  You take care of yourself knowing that you do it because there are things in your life that must be done.  You have a young family, a husband, ministry, jobs, responsibilities that should you fall incredibly ill, those very responsibilities would suffer.

This is not about the scale, although most of us do weigh ourselves from time to time.

It is about being strong inside and out to do all that God has asked of you!  It is so important that we do good works. That we are grateful for the one body that God has specifically designed us to have.  To treat it as a temple acceptable for worship and capable of doing good towards others and furthering His cause.

So friends don’t get caught up on the scale.  Don’t believe for a second the person who tells you that a size 2 is what you need to be.

Cosmopolitan did not create you.

God did.


1 Timothy 2:9-10; Romans 12:1



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