A Little Too Close

8 killed in Southern California salon shooting – Yahoo! News.

Yesterday you may have heard of the Salon shooting in Seal Beach, California where 8 were killed and 1 is listed in critical condition.

Living in Anaheim, not far from the small beach community, it was too close for comfort.

My sister works in a small salon. And while she does not work at Salon Meritage….it scared me.

Because it could have happened anywhere.  Or perhaps we knew someone there that day.  Perhaps it is just my overactive imagination. Yes…that must be it.

I have been absorbing the details of the story. The shooter. How he is described.  They describe him as outgoing. Nice. Friendly to neighbors.

On the outside, this man appeared sane, quiet and without violence.  But inside there was a different story. He was experiencing pain and bitterness towards some very serious things. With his ex-wife and his son.

And he lashed out. He was not still inside.  He acted out in a moment of anger, fury or even desperation. And wrought havoc on the lives of so many.

I am praying for this man, for the Seal Beach community. For the victims and their families.  It was a sad, tragic day yesterday and I am asking for the Lord’s presence and peace to be evident.

Will you join me in praying for those in Seal Beach today?

❤ Tiff


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