Gray Matters

Yesterday at church Pastor Shane delivered a great message on gray areas in the Bible. Now, there are plenty of things within God’s word that are considered black or white. To do it or not to do it.  Meaning….they are very clear.

But there are areas and things that we come across as a follower of Christ that we wonder about and are curious as to whether or not it would be a sin to participate in.  For example: Public school v Homeschool.  To be honest, when Dan and I were praying over Madison’s education, we were approached many times about the idea of Homeschooling.  I am not against homeschooling at all. In fact I think that is absolutely fantastic that there are parents who are capable of educating their child in both spiritual and educational (math, science etc).  I am impressed by them.  But when I or Dan would tell them that we were planning to send Madison to public school, you could literally see the disappointment they felt in our decision.  You don’t have to search too far to see that there is a major debate on what is the best education for Christian children.  It can be downright intimidating and frustrating. The truth of the matter is, School is one of those gray areas.  Some families have very strong convictions regarding education.  And those are their convictions…..not necessarily yours.

So with all that being said, Pastor Shane delivered a practical and helpful message regarding gray areas.  If you are struggling under the weight of another’s conviction or are just unsure of how to process those gray areas, please listen to this message!

❤ Tiff

P.S. And just for fun, because I think it was one of Pastor Shane’s best messages, check out the one he had regarding marriage titled “Marriage Solutions”.



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