People Matter

Dan and I had the opportunity to attend an incredible conference with other pastors from our church.  To say that we were inspired, motivated and encouraged to move in our cause and love for our college group, Illuminate, is an understatement.

It reaffirmed that we are, for right this second, where we are supposed to be.  Unless God guides us elsewhere, we are doing what He wants and we are excited to see what He is going to be doing through the people of Illuminate. So many incredible things have been happening the past couple of  years that my heart can’t quite exactly capture it all into words. To put it down into a blog post would almost demean what God has done….because my words are so few.  So trivial compared to God’s great wonders.

At the conference, one quote struck a chord with me. The reminder of how finite I really am.  How short our time is here.  How real Hell is.

“Time is short. Hell is hot. People matter.” Chris Brown

People matter.  Love God. Love people. Tell them about Jesus.

Those who walk through your doors, you never know what is battling inside.  You never know if the message they hear at that very moment would drop them to their knees and seek the Father and worship Him.  You just never know.  It was said many times over the course of two days that the most important day is not your first day…..

It’s your last day.

People Matter.

❤ Tiff


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