After Halloween

I hope you all had a great evening last night with your little ones. That they loved dressing up in their carefully planned costumes and got tons of goodies for you themselves.

Our night? Was chaotic, full of tears (by me) and not ideal. I won’t go into details. *sigh*

But my kids did look adorable dressed up and I thought I would at least share a photo of my adorable munchkins.

Because we all love photos of cute kids right?

Madi was of course Rapunzel. Sean was a Pirate.  And a cute pirate he was.

By the way, the wig that Madi wore with her costume. Sheds even more than real hair. Oh it was disgusting. LOL!

Can you believe it is November already?  I am so ready for the Holiday season.

How was your Halloween?

❤ Tiff


2 thoughts on “After Halloween

  1. sharon harper says:

    Happy Halloween!

    Thank you so much for posting the picture and note about your night with Madi and Sean! They look adorable as always; hope they had a good time! But sorry that there were tears (yours!).

    On Friday, Dad will bring some clothes and a Cinderella dress for Madi from AD.

    Love to you all,

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