That First Year


 I found this photograph randomly while looking through all of my photos on my computer.

As of this date December 31st 2004 we had only been married for 2 months. We were living in a cute little one bedroom apartment.  Unbeknownst to me at this very moment I was pregnant with a baby we would never meet this side of heaven.

We learned quickly that I could not cook worth a darn. In fact, those pre-packaged boxed meals were my specialty. And maybe rice. I could make rice. My poor husband.

I can cook now. I can hear my husband yelling “Praise the Lord!” in the distance.

I learned the true value of a budget after I had a $400 shopping spree…on myself….and I was scolded and suspended from the mall for months! Ladies, never ever spend that much money on clothes your first year of marriage. You may not live to see your 1st anniversary. I jest. But seriously don’t!

Dan learned quickly that if he does not call when he is going to be late I turn into a scary fire-breathing dragon.

Dan doesn’t share blankets. He hoards them. And complains that he is constantly hot.

And because he complains of constantly being hot, he always has to have the air on. And I am always cold. And I want the heater on. And the cycle continues on 7 years later!

10 months into our marriage we found out I was pregnant with Madison. So much for that five year plan!

We celebrated our 1st anniversary in beautiful Santa Barbara. However we could not stay at the hotel my husband reserved for us because he left his credit card behind and they wouldn’t give us our room. So off to the dinky motel where they had a Jacuzzi tub and a monster size bed.  Good times! At least it was across from the beach.

And the past 7 years have been just as adventurous!

Share your first year stories with me.  I totally want to hear them.

❤ Tiff


One thought on “That First Year

  1. Vincent Schneider says:

    Awww Tiff that’s so cute hahaha. It’s really encouraging to hear honest and yet funny things in your first year. The compromise learning getting used to each other in a different way. Learning to cook and how to budget so cute. You two 🙂

    Praise God for you and Dan + the little ones your such a blessing to all of us at Knott Avenue!

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