Black Friday Anyone?

I have seen a ton of my FB friends shopping Black Friday today. Actually, they were up all night snagging the best deals across town and they are probably now in bed.

The hardcore Black Friday peeps wait in line and get there early. I salute them because you know what, I really wanted to go out and shop……but I am just too dang lazy. Ha!

I am more of a shop online kind of girl. I am one of those crazy peeps who would much rather pay shipping than brave the stores during the holiday season. Which is why I am really excited about discovering Shop At Home.

Shop At Home is a fantastic resource to find tons of online shops plus the opportunity to earn cash back on your purchases.  Most of the time it ranges from 2-3% but for Black Friday and even Cyber Monday…your cash back %’s increase. There are thousands of shops you can shop from by using Shop At Home.

Membership is free so feel free to check it out. Go to Shop At Home and get started on your Christmas shopping!

❤ Tiff

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement, however the link provided is my personal link from Shop At Home that I use to share with friends.


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