Getting a Head Start

In the past, I would have waited until January to begin any type or workout program or diet.  The biggest reason was because I didn’t want to deprive myself of the enormous amount of goodies that I loved and wanted to consume during the Christmas season.  And because I was lazy and making a ton of excuses not to workout, while at the same time complaining about how I looked and about how I still needed to lose those last 20 pounds from my pregnancy with Sean.

10 months into my fitness journey and I have found that just putting it off until tomorrow never works.  Tomorrow comes…..and it gets put off again.

So in order to maintain what I have worked so hard for I have decided to challenge myself and really pay attention to what I eat and drink as well as workout at least 6 days a week.

I will be doing TurboFire. And continue drinking Shakeology.

It is not secret that I love this program.  I have been doing it off and on for the last few months, but I have not gone all the way through the program.  My goal is to completely finish it.  Do every single workout in that program.  And then send in my results to Beachbody and get a free shirt ;).

Incentive right?!

One of the biggest reasons why I achieved success was because I had people around me motivating me and doing the same thing I was.

So I am inviting you to join me.  Do this with me.

I know it’s December. I know the holidays are crazy busy and you have gifts to buy and it seems completely selfish to think about yourself and perhaps even spend money on yourself.  But let me paint another picture for you.

What if because you were working out and eating right, you had more energy and ability to do all that needed to be done during the holiday season?  Sound impossible?

It’s not.

Do this with me.  Don’t wait until next year. Do it now.

❤ Tiff~

P.S. If you have never heard of Shakeology, ask me for a free sample! Want to join my challenge?  Ask me!  It will be fun!


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