10K Done!

Today my friend Jennie and I ran a 10K.  We had such a great time.

We braved the freezing temps early in the morning but you could absolutely feel the adrenaline of all the other racers.  We were ready (even though we were a  bit nervous).

Warming up before the race.  Of course you have to take pics.

I didn’t really train as much as I should have.  I did do a lot of TurboFire workouts (which is intense cardio) so that definitely helped with my endurance in a long run….but it does not help with speed. LOL!

So I ran slow ;).

It’s all good. I finished and my tag time was 1:11:30.  I am proud of that time!

Final photo after our race.  It feels so good to be done!

Thanks Jennie for  running with me!

What did you do for your Saturday?

❤ Tiff


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