Why Bother?

I have used a ton of excuses in my life when it comes to taking care of myself.

*I don’t have time.

*I’m a mom.

*It’s too expensive.

*My family needs me. There is too much to do so I can’t take the time to  workout.

There is probably a ton more that are not coming to mind, but chances are those excuses are familiar to some of you.  I have shared my story of realizing how much I needed to take care of myself….or else my family would suffer.

And unless you are active and eating healthy (most of the time) you  make these excuses too. But allow me to let you in on a little secret.

We all have the same 24 hours.  We all are experiencing some pinch in our finances.  We all have things to do.

And when I realized that, I realized that I could not longer make those excuses. They didn’t fly.

And I realized something huge as well. I had to make my Why-meaning why I wanted to lose the extra baby weight and eat healthy-much bigger.

God showed me that my body was not my own. It was a gift He had given me and that it was an instrument to be used by Him to further His Kingdom.  When I took the focus off me me me….and directed my focus towards Him I wanted to honor Him.  I wanted to glorify God with my body. I wanted to take care of it so that He could use me!  

I know this may seem unpopular and it might offend some of you.  I am not trying to.  But when we are unhealthy, our bodies out of shape and unable to do certain tasks then how can we complete what God asks of us.

Yes, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

But that doesn’t mean we need to embrace the sins of gluttony and sloth.

So why do I bother with sharing all of this? Because I believe God is doing something huge.  And I believe that there are tons of folks out there who are wasting opportunities to do incredible things for the  Kingdom, yet they are limited physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Is this you? Ask for forgiveness from Him. Then commit to taking small steps towards taking care of yourself (write it down if you have to!) and get moving. No need to get crazy. You aren’t trying to be a body builder or a Victoria Secret Model. Just someone who desires to be used by God.

❤ Tiff


2 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. Holly Jordan Rose (@hollyjordanrose) says:

    I totally relate to this!! I completely agree with everything you said. For years now, I’ve had the desire to do certain things for God but I was held back by my weight. Physically I just couldn’t do much because my knees couldn’t handle standing up for very long. Satan wants us saddled by extra weight so he can keep us away from God’s will for our life. We are not a threat that way. What a great post!! This really inspired me to keep going for the goal.

    • tiffanyharper says:

      Oh I am so glad! Just small steps is all it takes. Satan wants to use anything, food, sex, lies, to keep us from ministry. So yes keep goimg! He really will supply all your needs! Thanks for sharing Holly.

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