One Word 2012

Christmas is over.  The days after Christmas are filled with chaos as I try to bring back some order into my home.  The rooms (specifically the kids) are filled with new toys and the time to purge of unused items has come.

I love Christmas time.  I love the holidays, the smell of baked goods, the opening of gifts, the celebration of our Savior.

But I truly missed an essential piece this year.  A piece that would have made this Christmas a lot less stressful.


My word for 2011 was Thanksgiving. Eucharisteo.  And I truly tried to live a life of Thanksgiving daily.  It was hard and I had to be intentional, but overall it was a year I was thankful for.

My husband has a job.  I get to stay at home with the kids. I have family close by.  We have a working car. Madi goes to a great school.  Both of my kids are healthy and happy. We have a roof over our heads. Air conditioning and a heater. Food in the pantry.

I have nothing to complain about.

But I lacked Peace.  Especially this Christmas.

I was constantly in knots over what needed to be done. My house was not peaceful due to lack of organization, the kids anxious due to a lack of schedule.  There are so many facets to peace that it can seem almost impossible to attain.

But Christ said He is the Prince of Peace.

He needs to be the center of my home. The center of my heart.  When I am fully submitted to Him, my heart will experience peace.  When I fully submit to my duties as a wife and mother and truly care for my home, I will experience peace. This does not mean that there will be stress-free days. But peace is there because of the condition of my heart.

So my word for 2012 is Peace.

I am so excited for this upcoming year.

Do you have a word that you will choose to meditate on for 2012?

❤ Tiff


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