Keeping Up with My Workouts

Let me be honest: I don’t have a gym membership.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t want one.  I really do. My husband has one.  And he has been awesome at working out nearly 6 days a week for the past 5 months. Eventually I would love to go with him. But that is just not in the budget to add a second membership.

And I am okay with that.

I do all of my workouts at home (in my small, two bedroom apartment, with two kids) or outside if I can get out before dark. Most days, I can’t get outside.

I have given myself no excuse to not workout really.  Bonus I don’t have anyone interrupting me by trying to have a conversation (read that boys? Girls who really work out don’t want to talk to you) or fight over the dumbbells. Seriously.  A pet peeve.

But I have to have a plan.

I am currently training for a 10K Mud Run at Camp Pendelton in June with 4 friends. I have chose to use P90X2 and TurboFire as my training programs because:

1. They have a workout guide for me to use. I don’t have to guess at what workouts to do, or even try to create a schedule for myself. It is already done for me. And for those who know me, I need a schedule. Otherwise I am all over the place then I quit! This plan keeps me on track.

2. It also comes with a nutrition guide. This is also awesome because I am one of those who needs recipes in order to know what to eat. So this also helps keep me on track. Plus, it helps me limit my spending dollars to just buy the foods I need….not the other junk in the store!

I also post my workouts online by using my TeamBeachbody account.  It helps keep me accountable to others. I post them to Twitter and Facebook so that others can see.  I do this, again, for accountability. If I am telling you to workout and eat right, then I better be practicing what I preach right?!

I also have to be consistent as to when I workout. So I have chosen the evenings since this is when Dan will go to the gym.  We both workout AFTER the kids are in bed and we spend some time together. Then we do what we need to do and don’t feel like we are neglecting each other.  It is hard at first, but once you get in the habit you get used to it and it becomes second nature.

So that’s it! That’s how I keep track!  It is not scientific and it really is a simple plan. What is not so simple is having the motivation to do it no matter how tired/lazy I may feel.

But once I push through the urge to not work out and get it done….I feel a million times better.

Try it!

❤ Tiff

P90X2 and TurboFire are available through my website.  I am having a Biggest Loser type challenge beginning January 9th. Only a couple of spots left so if you want a spot Email me today =).


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