What You Won’t See Me Post

Lately I have been trying to post motivating pictures of healthy women and strong women on my blog and Facebook.

The problem is…a lot of them are not wearing a ton of clothing and they don’t exactly fit the type of women I serve or want to serve.

So here’s the thing. You won’t find me posting skimpy clothed women on my pages.  I just won’t do it. You won’t find images of me online showing off my stomach or any other part of my anatomy to prove that I am in shape. I might flex my arms, but that is about it.

My reasoning?  I serve a higher purpose.  I am married to a man who has eyes only for me.  I have two children that look up to me set healthy examples.  I don’t want my daughter to ever see a photo of me posted online dressed inappropriately and feel she doesn’t measure up and that she has to do the same thing to gain acceptance.  I love and serve college age women who have suffered enough on the hands of media telling them what is beautiful.

I don’t want that.

Please hear me when I say that I am not judging those who do.  That is their choice. That is how they choose to show the results they have worked so hard on. I don’t judge them. But this is my personal conviction.

Most of the  women who come to me just want to have more energy, more strength and to have a piece of themselves back as well as take care of their families.  They aren’t really looking to be on the cover of fitness magazine. They just want to do something. My purpose is to show women (and men!) that being healthy and strong is more than being a certain size dress.  Making the effort to become a healthier individual is not easy. The first step is often the most difficult.  I don’t need to post pictures of half naked women in order to prove that healthy is beautiful.

I have several gals who are showing that to me now just by working out, eating right and wearing smiles.

❤ Tiff


2 thoughts on “What You Won’t See Me Post

  1. Jeanette says:

    Hey Tiffany!! I love this blog. What a great reminder to step out and say, “Hey I don’t have to dress ( or rather undress) to prove that I am in shape.” I have been hitting the gym at least 5 times a week and this time I have been really enjoying it. Mostly because I am doing it for ME and not comparing myself to anyone this time. I have had so much fun this time around. I”m doing what I enjoy doing and seeing results. Thanks for always being encouraging!

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