It’s Been Quiet Here

I haven’t blogged too much this week.  Quite frankly the only productive thing I have done all week is search frantically for my cell phone that my adorable son decided to hide in his secret place.

The place no one knows about apparently. LOL!

I have ordered another one so hopefully that arrives soon and I can get back to business.

Some random things:

*I had great intentions to participate in the Love Challenge over at Leading and Loving It. I am embarrassed to say I have failed the first two days already. *bad wife* February is not over yet! There is still hope!

*I have yet to print my photos for Project Life page for January. Must get on that now.

*Did I mention my son lost my cell phone? While I have enjoyed the peace and lack of phone calls, I really do need one as no one can get a hold of me unless I am on FB or attached to my email.

*Today and tomorrow Dan and I are attending Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage conference.  We have been reading his book and we love it!  So excited to not only hear Mark, but also have some time alone together. Thanks Mom and Dad Harper for watching the babes!

*Sean can now say his name. He calls himself “Seany”.  Melts my heart!

*God blessed us this week with lower rent for our current apartment.  Love how He provides unexpectedly!

*I have 3 gals in my February challenge group (one started last month) and we are so excited!  I am pumped!

That’s all for now folks.  How has your week been?

❤ Tiff


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