Real Marriage

Dan and I had the opportunity to attend Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage conference at Crossroads Christian Church this weekend and oh my goodness what a treat!

Dan and I really enjoy Mark’s teaching and Dan really respects a lot of what he has to say towards men and how to lead a family as well as a ministry.  This conference did not disappoint. And a bonus, Mark’s beautiful wife, Grace, was there as well to offer her perspective and wisdom on issues that were covered:


Friendship with your spouse

Self control

A serving relationship or a selfish relationship (this one hurt. I am a selfish person and God was absolutely convicting me of this throughout the entire session!)

The conference was based upon Mark and Grace’s new book “Real Marriage” which Dan and I will be going through together.

Overall, Dan and I walked out of that conference more determined than ever to be best friends in our marriage and to not allow Satan to have a foothold.  For a couple like us who is heavily involved in ministry to other people, it is so important that we spend far more time nurturing and serving the lawn that is our relationship to keep the weeds out and stay strong. Together.

If you feel like this is something you and your spouse could use, I highly recommend you find a conference near you!

❤ Tiff


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