Modesty is Sexy

The other day I read an incredible news story regarding a young Victoria’s Secret Model.  Who loved Jesus. And quit her dream career to honor the Lord and her husband with her body.

Kylie Bisutti decided, after modeling with infamous lingerie company, to leave Victoria’s Secret after she began to experience God’s conviction regarding her showcase of her body to those other than her husband. She wanted to be a role model for those who looked up to her, especially her young cousin who one day said to her:

“I think I want to stop eating so I can look like you.”

My heart dropped reading that statement, because the reality is so many girls feel they must look, behave, dress and eat (or not) in order to be beautiful.  Kylie gets it exactly right when she states: “Thousands of girls that think that being beautiful is an outer issue and really it’s a heart issue.”

Modesty is sexy.  It means you value your body so much that you are willing to preserve it for the one person you will be married to. And if I can take it a step further, I believe you may be more confident because you don’t need to reveal in order to appeal.  In a day and age where sex sells, modesty can seem unflattering, as if those of us who choose dress conservatively wear unflattering moo-moo dresses.

But it isn’t.

I am so proud of Kylie who chose to do the right thing (for herself, her husband, and her love for God) and walk away from a dream.  It was probably very tough. But I am positive that God will be faithful and honor her obedience.

Modesty is sexy.

❤ Tiff

*Story and quotes are from ABC News.  To get full article please click on the hyperlink at beginning of post.*



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