Interacting vs Blogging

I know that this blog has been quiet, and it seems I am taking longer pauses in between posts more often.  They are not intentional, but I am finding that I am having a lot more fun interacting with people.

I used to come over to my little corner of the internet, voice my thoughts and concerns to this blog, hoping someone would read it and perhaps comment.

And once in awhile someone would. And I would love it and read that comment over and over.

But now I have been spending more time sharing my heart with people. Real, in your face people.  Ones I can reach out and touch.  I don’t discredit those who read my blog as being “unreal”. But I guess my point is…..I spent too much time being private and not talking to people and blogging that I forgot to reach out to those who reached out to me.

Talking with folks is a lot of fun. Scary at first for an introvert like me, but it does end up being fun. Plus, you build community.

I love not being stressed out about blogging and I am no longer afraid of whether or not anyone will read  this.  I used to check my stats daily…wondering and trying to figure out how to get my numbers up!  I so wanted to be liked and popular even in the blogging world!

But now, I am enjoying writing when I want to write. I am enjoying making new friends. I am enjoying the fact that I get to encourage, be encouraged, inspired and loved on by others and I get to love on them.

Blogging is fun….but interacting is even more fun!

❤ Tiff


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