After The Fast

Hello again!

This weekend was glorious. Hello beautiful sunny California!  It makes me absolutely giddy when the weather is in the 80’s and the sun is shining.  And you can walk outside and enjoy some natural Vitamin D by playing in the park or lounging at the pool with your family.  It makes me so excited for Spring and Summer.  I am a warm weather gal and fear the cold. Ha!

For those of you who joined me on my fast last Thursday, how did you all do?  I am sure it was hard and when the hunger urge struck you wanted to eat! I know I did.  But God was so faithful. And He still is!  I pray the time was spent in prayer and that you experienced a closeness to Him and that it is continuing. I pray that whatever was on your heart to ask in prayer, that He answered or made clear.

So thankful for all of you who take a moment to check out my small corner of the internet.  If I could see you, I would give you a BIG HUG!

❤ Tiff


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