Critical Christians

I have had this post typed up in my head for weeks now.  I would come to my blog and type it out here, but then erase it, then come back and do it again.

Then erase it again.

I kept having difficulty saying what I felt without going on a full fledged rant about what I felt needed to be addressed….

Critical Christianity. Critical Christians.

I am pretty active on Twitter and Facebook.  I read a great number of blogs in my spare time (spare time? What’s that?).  And I feel I have a rather accurate, yet disturbing, pulse on what a lot of these social media forums are used for.

For complaining. Criticizing. Harsh language.  Attacking those we don’t agree with. Critical of Ministry leaders we despise….or let’s be more specific, critical about Mark Driscoll.

Yeah I went there.

I have watched the last few interviews Pastor Mark has done on TV and there is always a firestorm full of public “opinion” about him. Most of it not good. And a lot of the venom coming from Christians.  And just so you know, those who don’t know Jesus can read your tweets. And I bet they wonder why the heck the Christians always seem to attack each other.

These past couple of Sundays at Illuminate, my husband has spoken on how we use our words: Either to hurt, or to heal.  (You can watch those sermons here) Pastor Mark isn’t alone.  Whether it be regarding the Kony 2012 campaign and Invisible Children, John Piper, Joel Osteen, Kirk Cameron, Church signs, whatever the case may be, it seems we all  have an opinion and have something to say. And a lot of time what comes out of our mouths is not healing, edifying or uplifting to the body of Christ.

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as it fits the occasion, that it may give GRACE (emphasis mine) to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29

We will always have someone or something that we don’t agree with. There are a lot of people in this world. We will always have an opinion.  And Satan is very real. And of course, theologically, we need to stand firm on God’s word and if something does not sound right or is incorrect, we need to correct it.  But what is key in that verse is that our mouths were to be used to supply words that would build up, not tear down. To supply grace to those who hear.

Our words need to supply LIFE, not death.  We are Christians.

If we spent more time looking for those who needed to hear words of comfort, words of hope, words of peace, Words of Life…..then I honestly don’t think we would have time to criticize those we disagree with.

We don’t always need to say what we think. We don’t always have to prove a point. To prove we are right. To write a blog post about another person.  To voice our opinion. Or even to prove our innocence.

A lot of times it is okay to keep our mouths shut.

Let’s choose words that heal. And abandon words that hurt.

❤ Tiff



2 thoughts on “Critical Christians

  1. mayheincrease says:

    This was the one, huh?

    So, as you know, I’ve had my blog up for a while. And I will admit that I’ve been guilty of being part of the “firing squad” in the past.

    There are entire blogs that are devoted to “ODM”: “online discernment ministries.” I got sucked into them for a period of time until I came to my senses. In one aspect, they have their place. I do believe that we need to address false doctrine, etc. However, I’m not necessarily sure that blogs are the correct forum for that (or any social media for that matter).

    The reason is what you mention above: the world also can read our comments and make a determination on the church body at large and be turned off to the gospel.

    Driscoll is such an easy target for a variety of reasons. I mentioned the other day to you of the things I’ve been reading about him and my concern. My concern is the road he is personally going down with his ministry. There are a lot of Christian leaders at the very least, calling him out (especially on his new book). And while I agree with some of those voices, I’m not so sure that the overall Christian leadership is really following the Biblical form of calling someone out: have these leaders gone directly to Mark to speak to him about their concerns? Or are they simply going to the Internet and putting their thoughts out there?

    Chuck Missler has quipped that “Christians are the only group that form their firing squads in a circle.” More and more I’m seeing how true this is. To the extent that I can control MY behavior with regard to that, I’m doing my best to avoid going down that path.

    Thanks for the post, Tiffany. Tough subject but I think you handled it with grace and tact. (I wouldn’t expect anything else from you . . .). 🙂

    • tiffanyharper says:

      Thank you so much Joe! I absolutely agree that we need to correct doctrine and theology and address sin if it is present. But you are right in saying that most of the time blogs and twitter doesn’t necessarily help in correction or rebuke. In just creates a hostile and often argumentative environment.

      I loved your insight on this post. It is a tough subject which is why I had to rewrite it like 10 times! LOL! Thank you for your encouragement.

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