Fort Love

In my home, my kids love to build forts.

Specifically with their daddy. Because we all know that Daddies build the best forts.  Mommy can build forts too, but I will admit Daddy does a great job. And he gets in there with them and tells scary stories.

They have a flashlight so they can “see” in the dark. And then Sean decides to climb out of the fort and jump on top of Dad and Madi. When I say jump, I really mean he tossed himself so high in the air and landed hard on Madi and Dad, while laughing like a crazed lunatic.

Hilarious. To me at least. Oh I wish I had video. Or a picture even. Gosh it was funny.

Not really to the poor souls who experienced the thrashing of a wild and crazy two  year old.

But they will laugh later. Maybe. Someday. *giggle*

Happy Friday friends! Spend the day with your loved ones and don’t forget to smile!

❤ Tiff


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