My Husband Rocks

So many times I read posts of women putting down their husbands, how they don’t do anything at all at home.  I even saw a Dr. Phil episode regarding this topic!

I, for one, am over the men bashing.

My husband, Dan, is awesome.

He is not perfect and I am not either.  He is a procrastinator and I am rather uptight.

And he is a much better housekeeper than I am. I have mentioned that before.  But really, honestly, truly, he is!

For instance, this past Saturday we decided to really tackle our bedroom.  We wanted our room to be peaceful and beautiful and relaxing.  I don’t have a photo to show you the horror show we lived in, but trust me when I saw IT WAS BAD!

And instead of both of us sorting the room? He did  it.  And he organized my closet for me.

Ladies, a man who can clean and organizes well….is SEXY.

My husband is SEXY.

Now it is your turn to brag on your men! Go. Do it!

❤ Tiff


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