Picking the Right Workout for You

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I get this question a lot from friends and customers regarding what program would be best for them. As a Coach, I want to help them reach their goals, so it is important that I ask questions so I can best gauge what program I believe will best deliver the results they want.

Perhaps you are in the same boat and are interested in making improvements in your physical health and appearance. Congratulations!  You are off to a great start.  And I will be honest, picking a workout program, group exercise or gym can be daunting.  And we don’t want to choose incorrectly, so often we don’t make any decisions at all.

But I don’t want that to be you!  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. What types of activity do I enjoy? Do you generally enjoy cardio? Strength training?  Dance?  Think about activities that you enjoyed when you were younger that brought you a lot of joy and look for a program that you believe you will LOVE!

2. What are your overall goals?  If you are looking to tone up, you will need a program that incorporates strength training. A lot of women make the mistake of just doing cardio and no weights. While Cardio will change your size, Strength training will change your shape. Weights are your fat burning tool. use it!  My favorite workouts are those that combine both.  Strength training doesn’t have to be everyday, but it needs to be there.  Okay?

*Can I just address the myth that you will get bulky if you lift weights? I promise you won’t. I have been lifting weights for a few years. I promise!! Trust me!*

3. Will this workout challenge me?  Let’s be honest, sometimes we pick the easy ones. No! While I will not suggest to everyone to do P90X or Insanity, I will always suggest a workout that will push their bodies to change.  So expect a challenge from me.  If you want to change, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

4. Can I give this workout the time needed to succeed? Some workouts are longer, some are created to be short and for the time constrained.  A note: if you want a shorter workout, you better be prepared to push hard.  You cannot expect to see results if you don’t push your body through a 30 minute workout. More often than not the shorter the workout, the more intense you need to bring it.  With the exception of Insanity. Hence the name Insanity. Ha!

If you ever need advice or help in picking a workout program that will help meet your fitness goals, please do not be afraid to let me know.  I would love to help you!

❤ Tiff

*If you have questions regarding P90X and Insanity and any other Beachbody products, please check out my website.  I also put together fitness challenges monthly. I am currently taking names for May.


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