Some Days Just Aren’t Your Best

I posted this on my Facebook Page today:

“Regardless of what happened yesterday, make the most of today.”

I posted it to encourage my followers. But it was mostly for me.

Monday was not my best.

Let’s be real and honest and just admit that some days we don’t get it right.  In fact, a lot of days we don’t get it right.  But yesterday, for me, was my worst.

While yesterday was filled with events with my loved ones, I made personal choices in eating that did not align with my goals.  Let me share my menu with you okay?

Morning: Greenberry Shakeology mixed with 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup water, mango slices, tsp peanut butter and ice. So far, off to a great start!

Headed out to my grandparents house. So excited to see them!

Lunch: Chorizo and eggs with tortillas, homemade beans (my Grandpa makes the BEST!  THE BEST!!!) avocados from their avocado tree.  I had two HUGE helpings. Along with two cans of coke.  What?!  When you are at Grandma and Grandpa Uribe’s house, you eat.

Heading home late in the afternoon, stuck in traffic, not wanting to make a healthy dinner at home. Picked up Dan and then….

Dinner: Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  And a large Dr. Pepper.

Evening snack: Grande White Chocolate mocha from Starbucks.


I am sharing all of this with you because as you can see, it became a downward spiral as I gave in to each urge. I am not immune to making less than perfect food choices! It happens to the best of us!  I am not against cheat meals once in a while.  As long as you are disciplined to get back on the track the very next day or the next meal. But one poor decision easily leads to another poor decision.

So while I look back at that menu from yesterday and admit that I did consume some unhealthy items, I start over today because I have been given another day to make better choices.  I don’t always get to eat my Grandparents cooking so what I should have done was have one serving of their food and enjoyed it, and made dinner for my family.

So feel free to look at my mistake, and see how you can make better choices for yourself. I don’t always get it right. But I will choose to learn from it.

Make TODAY your best and give it your best effort!

❤ Tiff


2 thoughts on “Some Days Just Aren’t Your Best

  1. marlym28 says:

    (Marlena from KACC) I haven’t had soda in months …even then I only drink Hansen’s Natural cane sugar sodas. Still not good but better than Coke/Pepsi/name brand sodas and anything with aspartame should be avoided, which is most ‘diet’ stuff. Some days are better than others, that’s for sure! I wouldn’t say I eat healthy all the time but I try to eat healthier. Plus I read too many articles about stuff in food nowadays that makes grocery shopping take sooo much longer for me because I’m reading labels. My aunt says I’m being too crazy with the label reading.

    What your grandparents made wasn’t that bad. Eggs, avocados and beans are healthy to some extent, the chorizo and tortillas (if not home-made) were the iffy ones. I actually like cooking and baking but when you cook for other people, it’s not just you who has to like it! lol! I’d probably be eating much healthier if I was living on my own…or had a husband/kids who ate whatever I made them lol!

    • tiffanyharper says:


      That is awesome. I love hearing about your attempts to eat and be healthier. And thank you for your encouragement. And you are right. Eggs and avocados (even beans…although my Grandpa puts bacon grease in his…you know, extra flavor *hehe*). The chorizo had my heart crying out for mercy, but my belly happy. Grandparents are the best cooks!

      Thank you for sharing with me today. See you Sunday!

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