Hello! I Am Still Here!

I am the worst blogger. I know.

But I have honestly been enjoying reading other blogs and being inspired by them.  I have been outside playing a lot more (although honestly this week the weather was less than favorable. Where is the sun!)

Mother’s Day is coming up and Dan just told me what I am getting.  He wanted to surprise me, but I am one of those weird folks who, for some reason, if you tell me you are planning a surprise then I won’t be surprised.  It has to be a TRUE surprise! I don’t even want to know you are planning one!

He says I am a tad high maintenance.  *wink*

By next Monday I should be back to blogging full time.  Sometimes it is nice to not have to wrack your brain for content.  I have been wanting to live life a bit. Have you ever felt stale?  Uninspired?  Bored?  I kind of went through that period the last couple of months.

Trying to shake it. Stay in God’s word. Be more intentional with my days.  Love on more people. Love on my family more.

I apologize if this post is random.  I am a random person. hehe.

I hope your Friday is beautiful and blessed, even if your window to the outside looks bleary.

❤ Tiff


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