The Education Wars

My friend posted on her facebook status the other day, pondering about what she was going to do for her 5 year old son, who will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall.  The age old question for Christians.

Public, Private or Homeschool.

What is the best option?

And she was bombarded with opinions. Most of them loving and giving their own experiences.  But there are always a few that trickle in, sharing their thoughts on the education system.

Let me be frank. I am over the education wars. Irritated with them actually.

Dan and I CHOSE to put Madison in public school. We CHOSE to.

I researched for 2 years before Madi was going to go into school, Dan and I went over those options together, and we prayed and sought counsel.  My SIL, who is a public school teacher, was against homeschooling. She gave her reasons why.  I don’t agree with her reasons why, however I respected her opinion and kept them in the back of my mind.  I also took in Madison’s learning personality.

My daughter is social. She thrives around her peers and around adults.  I knew that keeping her at home with me, however much I wanted to, could quite possibly hinder her from learning.  Private school we also looked in.  In fact, we actually would have loved to put her in a private school. Not just because she would have been given Christian curriculum (I have a lot to say on that by the way..stay tuned). But realistically, our finances told us there wasn’t much room this year.  Perhaps in a few years we can, but for right now, we felt God was saying public school was okay for our daughter.

He has blessed Madison (and us!) with a fantastic teacher. She is a Christian and most of Madison’s classmates come from believing families. The teacher approached Dan the other day, knowing he was a Pastor, and shared how much she had been blessed by seeing a lot of her students praying together at lunch.  I know that will not always happen, so we are taking Madison’s education one year at a time.  But God clearly was at hand in our decision to put Madi at her school.

We are fully aware of what is happening in public schools. We know that eventually, we may not have a choice but to put our children in private or homeschool.  But until God leads us otherwise, we are at peace with our choice.

Now onto Christian education.  Many pro-homeschoolers (sometimes I want to call them  Homeschool Mafia because there are a few who truly believe homeschool is the only way. Just keeping it real.) The Bible does tell parents that we are to “train up a child in the way they should go” Proverbs 22:6

However that is not talking about homeschool. Or even private school. Within the household,  Parents need to be diligent in teaching their children God’s words and His statutes. About his love for us and His Son’s sacrifice.  If you are doing your job at home, and not expecting youth pastors and christian educators to do it for you, then making decisions about education won’t be so much about what is the right choice, but about what God wants for your family.  How your child will thrive in the environment you choose?  It is not an easy decision, education. However, it can be made where you can have peace with your choice and not become bogged down by the “opinions” of other Christians.

So let’s stop with the education wars already.  The process is already difficult as it is an important decision.  It just makes it more stressful and I don’t believe it honors God at all.  I think it makes us look like a bunch of crazies to those outside of the church. Again, just keeping it real.

Pray, seek counsel, do your research and let God lead.  Then accept it and experience God’s peace.




4 thoughts on “The Education Wars

  1. Jo-An says:

    Hi, I came upon your blog through Dear Lizzy’s comment section. This post hits home for me because we recently made a decision to switch our kids from private to public school. I struggled with the decision initially but after praying and listening (not to others but to Him), I am at peace with it now.

  2. Cathy Kurisu says:

    I totally agree with you. God gives us wisdom for each child and each school year. Seriously consider becoming part of Moms in Prayer. You will be blessed with deep friendships, a growing faith, and answered prayers.

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