It Goes By So Fast

Madi’s last day of Kindergarten was yesterday.  We were all so excited for summer break to begin, but I know Madi was feeling a little broken hearted over the fact that she would not see her beloved teacher for the next couple of months.  She has such a big heart and loves so deeply.  This type of change will always be hard on her I think.

This first year of public school went by incredibly fast. 

I cannot believe how big she looks now.  A six year old. I have a six year old who is now going into first grade. Ha!

I had to take a picture of her before school started. This was a big deal!  Now she is going to go to school with the big kids.  She will have maneuver life and figure out friendships and learn to do some things on her own.

She will experience lasting friendships, attempt new skills, face different challenges. All things that will develop her into a young woman who loves the Lord and loves people.

Transforming into a woman that God has designed her to be in order to serve Him.

Dan and I will continue to teach her His word at home, while we pray and ask Him to protect and guide her as she goes through these precious molding years.  We will do what God asks of us, and we trust He will take care of her far better than we ever could.

Congratulations Madi!  We love you so much!

❤ Tiff


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