Eat Well When on Vacation

Let’s be real and say that it can be hard to stick to your eating plan when you are in the unfamiliar. For example, my family and I are in a trailer camping. The fridge is very small and the pantry is almost non existent.

And my husband associates camping with grilling steaks.

I’m just keeping it real.

And if you are in the same boay, let me encourage you that it doesn’t have to be a total junk food week. You can incorporate some healthy options and still enjoy your vacation. I promise.

Head to the grocery store as soon as you arrive on vacation (if camping or at a location where you can store food) and buy these items:

*any nuts that you enjoy
*favorite veggies for grilling. We love asparagus, red bell peppers, onions, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes. Get creative!

*If eating out, take your time observing the menu to find the best options. Or find a great healthy restaurant. I tried out True Food Kitchen tonight with my family and we LOVED it!


*Get your workout on. Can’t bring gear or videos? Your body is a machine. Use it! If you have a smart phone find free workout videos grab a few of your favorite fitness mags. Just move. Your body will thank you.

If you don’t get it perfectly right, please don’t beat yourself up. Do the best you can and enjoy the time with your family. Vacations are awesome.

Have fun!



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