Kindness Friday

I believe that being a fit and healthy person also comes from the inside, not just the outside.

Yesterday, while enjoying a family outing with the family at Barnes and Noble, I picked up a book I had been eying for awhile and found this inside:

I was so blessed by the message.  That someone, I am assuming a woman (I was reading a Jillian Michaels book) wanted to speak kindness into whoever opened these pages.  And I am so thankful this person decided to do that.

So often, we are our own worst critics.  When I talk to those who are trying to either lose weight, get in shape, have a fulfilling relationship with the Lord, read their Bible more, be a better wife/mom….whatever it may be, I always hear them express themselves negatively.

*I need to lose a billion pounds

*I hate how my (fill in the blank) looks. I wish I looked like (fill in the blank).

*I am an awful Christian because I don’t read, pray, go to church enough. God must hate me.

*I always mess up and I wish I didn’t struggle with all of this.

*She has it so together as a mom/wife. I wish I was more like her.

It breaks my heart because I often do it too.  I see someone whom I think does life better than me and I want so badly to measure up.  And when I try, I find myself completely inadequate and unable to accomplish and meet the high expectations that I have set for myself. Expectations that no one has set for me…BUT ME.

So this little hidden treasure came at a perfect time.  To remind me that I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t have to have six pack abs. Or be super mom. Or Super Pastor’s wife.  I am beautful. Just as God created me.

And now I need to pass on this gem to otherrs. Because I am not the only one who struggles with feeling ugly, imperfect, useless.

And that is my call to you, my friends.

Will you post a note of kindness somewhere today? It can be anywhere:

*In public bathrooms

*in a restaurant

*coffee shops

Just write whatever is on your heart. What do you want to share?  And if you are on Instagram, FB, Twitter please post your photos and tag me. Let’s pass on kindness to those around us. Let’s call it Kindness Friday!

❤ Tiff


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