Healthy: A Priority or Too Expensive

When I share with others about Shakeology or invite them to join one of my monthly challenges, I usually hear this:

“Tiff, I would love to. But I just can’t afford it.”

And I realize I haven’t done my job properly.  I am not upset that I won’t get commission or that they won’t buy from me.

But that I haven’t helped them to realize the importance of Shakeology or help them see this as an investment into themselves.

In a Time Magazine article, it described what annually people spend on certain items:

Coffee: $1,092

Pets: $1,542

Electronics/Cell phones: $1,900 (for a smartphone!)

I could go on and on. When my husband meets with college students for coffee, he doesn’t think about how much that coffee costs. He is thinking of that student and how he can interact, care, love and pray for them.  To him (and to me!) that $4.00 coffee is worth the money in account for the time spent ministering.

For those who have pets, they don’t see nearly a $1600 price tag on their baby. They see their dog or cat as someone who is part of the family and one who needs proper care and attention.

The iPhone has paved a way for us to broaden the horizon and allow us to share, inspire and communicate in ways never before.  We don’t see a crazy expense. We see creativity and ability to get out a message..whatever that message may be thanks to apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Do you get my point?

If it’s important to us, we’ll find a way to make it work. If not, we will always find an excuse.

I know about budgets (you would cry if you saw my clothes and shoes budget. What’s a girl to do!) and a lot of us live within one. Some of us have more flexibility with our budgets than others.

But there are ways to make it work.

You can go in with a friend on a challenge pack. Breakfast can be done healthy and cheap so use Shakeology for lunch or dinner. Use half a scoop. Split a bag with a friend.

The point is, you can find ways to make it work.  Never feel as though being healthy and fit and having the tools isn’t an option for you. It is.



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