KACC University

When I made the decision to take  care of my body, I had no idea how much I would learn just by exercising and eating healthy.

And never did I even think that God had really cared all that much about what I ate.

Or how I felt about my body.

That I couldn’t fit into my size 5 jeans anymore.

Really. I believed he could care less.  That He mostly cared about me serving in the church, serving my husband and my family. Taking care of what I needed to take care of. My body and health had nothing to do with that.

Or did it?

When I studied the scriptures, I noticed that while there weren’t any verses talking about signing up for 5K’s, Vegan diets or Beachbody fitness programs, there was talk about discipline.


Our bodies were a temple.

We were made to serve God. In His church. In our communities. In the country.

And if I failed to care for the one thing He has gifted me at my birth, then how could I possibly expect Him to expect ME to do more.

If I was struggling with my weight. So consumed with myself that I was incapable of serving my husband, my kids or Illuminate….then I clearly could not expect God to give me anything else to do.

Until I made taking care of myself a priority.

So that I could do more for the Kingdom.

On Monday, 7/16/12 I will be sharing a bit of my journey, what God has taught me through this journey and process as well as give tips, nutrition and fitness encouragement and help to those looking to feel better and do more for His glory.

My class is called Be Healthy. Be Fit. Be You!

My class will be on at Knott Avenue Christian Church and if you haven’t already, and you would like to check it out, you can register here.

Seeing that our nation is going through a major crisis in Obesity, I believe the church can be a part of the healing of those struggling and hurting.

I hope you will join me.



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