Insanity- Yep I’m Nuts


I don’t know but I need to change up my workout routines regularly. Otherwise, I get in a funk, lose motivation and tend to skip more days than I should.

And lately, my workouts have not been all that exciting. It was time to invest in another program and push myself.

I had been debating between a few programs for awhile and I finally decided on Insanity. I knew it would be a (very!) Challenging workout so I was ready for the push.

My friend Kalli over at Fit and Forty Something is doing Insanity with me and I am so glad! Because my program arrived today and holy smokes folks! The fit test on day 1?



I will definitely need the accountability and encouragement over the next 60 days.

I am excited to see how much stronger I will become. I will do my best to post weekly updates on here as well as video on my FB page, Be A Size You.

Have you ever done Insanity? Please share with me your experience! Or if you want to join in, let me know. The more peeps the better!




2 thoughts on “Insanity- Yep I’m Nuts

  1. ashley says:

    so here’s a question. One of the biggest things that makes me quit! No one else that I have spoken to says this happens to them. So here goes. When I’m running or when i do the insanity for instance my throat will start to burn so bad that i have to quit cuz the pain, this happens whether my mouth is open or closed when exercising. it dosn’t happen when im using the elliptical though. Have you ever had this or heard of it? i’m guessing it happens to me when im doing alot of cardio.

    • tiffanyharper says:

      I have not heard of too many people having this however it could be caused by the amount of exertion you are using during the exercise and how hard you are breathing. It could be a result of your body trying to take it more oxygen during your workouts. Or it could be something more serious like exercise induced asthma or acid reflux. My advice would be to talk to your doctor to make sure. But I think for most individuals it is the former reason.

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