Friends & Social Media

I love Social media. I absolutely do.

Let me be clear that I know it can be a time sucker. Some folks spend way too much of their precious moments in front of a computer screen or on their phones.  I have been known to lose track of time when chatting up on FB or reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.

But when I get to meet those I have met through Twitter and FB?


It makes me absolutely giddy.

This evening I got to meet my Coach and fellow Pastor’s Wife, Michelle Myers.

Absolutely made my weekend!  Friends, she is even more beautiful and sweet in person!

When I signed up as a Coach, I had no idea what to expect.  But she has become a dear friend to me. We had a lot in common! She understands the strains and joys of ministry, motherhood and owning a business.

She prays for me and I pray for her.  Who knew that social media could create such a friendship?

Loved getting to hug this girl’s neck today. Cannot wait to hug some more friends.

Thank you so much Michelle for dinner and for spending time with me and my crazy fam.  You are a gem!

What about you guys? Have you been able to hug some social media buddies yet?



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