On my 31’st Birthday My True Love Gave To Me

On Saturday, I celebrated 31 years.

I can honestly say that the thirties are the best. I liked my twenties but honestly being 30 is so fun.

I didn’t ask for much for my birthday. I really wanted to go the Farmer’s Market in a cute downtown area so off we went.

And the kids devoured the most delicious homemade popsicles.


And Sean absolutely made a mess with his dark chocolate with sea salt popsicles. He loved it.

I grabbed beautiful tomatoes for a Vegan Tomato Soup I am making this week. Also grabbed strawberries as they are a favorite in this house.

Then it was time for Mexican food, a family favorite.


Toy Story 3 was on. Sean is drinking milk folks. Not coke. Dan and I were able to eat in peace.

Then we dropped off the babes at the grandparents and Dan and I had a date. I had been really wanting Thai and a Thai iced tea. Love.


A great day. I am so ready to see what this year will bring me.

Again, thirties are the best!

Are you an August baby too? Happy birthday!



2 thoughts on “On my 31’st Birthday My True Love Gave To Me

  1. Pam says:

    I’m glad you had a great birthday. Enjoy this era. By the way… I recognize that restaurant and that means we need to connect again before too long!

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