Veggies Anyone?

Let me be honest. I wasn’t exactly raised to love veggies. Don’t get me wrong. My mother absolutely desired that we ate well. And lucky for me I was really athletic so my metabolism was at an all time high and anything I ate was burned off.

So at the time, I didn’t really see the need for veggies.

But I am now in my thirties and I have two kids.

And my body did not bounce back as quickly as I thought it would.

And all those years of eating chicken nuggets from McDonald’s were starting to show……on my waistline and in my cholesterol levels. Yikes!

I know that for a lot of us, vegetables doesn’t sound as appetizing as, oh say, a cupcake. Or french fries. But did you know that Vegetables are nature’s natural fat burners? They fill you up without filling you out and you can EAT AS MANY AS YOU WANT!

And because Vegetables are so nutrient dense, your body uses them for nutrition and energy as opposed to storing them as fat.

Cheers to that!

I like to put lots of colorful veggies in a huge bowl of delicious greens such as spinach or kale. Broccoli, red bell pepper, carrots, cauliflower, toss with a home made dressing and nutritional yeast.


Grilling and roasting veggies are great for sides.

What is your favorite way to eat your veggies?




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